Friday, 30 October 2009

Arguing On Youtube Is Hilarious

Man i just love having arguments with people; especially if i am the one thats winning it. Youtube is the perfect place to start verbal fights, especially people that deliberately place no effort in their comment whatsoever on your videos. I was enlisted by my friend BDT87 to deal with a certain individual who was acting like a right "bell-end" so to speak. As a short back history, BDT87 was was being harrassed by this nutcase, repeadedly asking for shoutouts on a regular basis.

Ben thus far has resisted his bothersome requests, but now the person has now begun placing comments on the videos which he hadn't done before and this is where i came in. I replied to the idiotic statement and i was absolutely perplexed by the response; was it meant to be joke or a serious reply because i certainly couldn't make my mind up.

Erm, there is a point to this i think....I guess just don't get into an argument with me because you will get your living soul ripped out.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Beware The Apple Mafia....

No, i haven't gone insane with hallucinations of giant apples trying to molest me; no im talking about fans of Apple who appear to be the most prententious bunch of half wits i have ever had the displeasure of coming across.

All i was trying to do was create video talking about the new windows 7 OS and how i thought it was an improvement over Vista; is that such a crime? Apparently it is in the land of the Macintosh computer.

The ironic thing is i never even made a reference apple in the video and yet i have people bitching about how Mac's are better and that Pc's are not as good. I can totally understand if some of you guys prefer Apple's machine but i really didn't expect to be bullied for me choosing windows instead. Good grief it was as if i recently defacated over their gandparents(Yes i will spare you guys that horrible image.)

Ill get my revenge though, you will see i have a nasty backlash video planned for the morons who gave me grief. Oh yeah and more thing, you can stick your Iphone up your backside too.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Windows 7 is...quite good actually!

Well after a few days of testing my new operating system on my computer i have to say im quite impressed. Definitely a marked improvement over the dredful Vista that i have had to put up with for a year or so; i have collected my thoughts on the operating system into a very nice video format which you guys can watch. I will upload it to Youtube first then i will host on where you can download in Ipod format for those on the go.

I don't want to give too much away here but its pretty obvious what you should do if you own Vista on your computer (besides throwing it out of a nearby window of course!)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade

Allright, i decided to dig deep and splash out on Windows 7. Why you ask? It's so simple i reply and there are no prizes for the correct answer....Vista sucks, plain and simple. I brought the version where you can install it onto 3 machines so ive spread the cost out a fair bit.

I will probably give my impressions in a new video when ive installed it onto my computer, to let you guys know what elements have been improved.

Professionals say that performance has improved to a certain degree, which is awesome as i edit videos an awful lot; i will not want my processor working to hard unnecessarilly. Hopefully Microsoft has come to their senses and released an OS that actually works as to me personally its all gone downhill since XP.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Patronising Much?

Well as you all know that Youtube at times can be a complete a**hole, you will know this fact if you are an avid follower of my vlogs and such. However i am always amazed at how the website can keep suprising me with new levels of severe iritation.

Today i recieved a comment on my Rock Band vs Guitar Hero video commenting how the video wasn't that particularly great. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even bad ones but that is not why I feel insulted.

I got p***ed off at the fact that he compared us to more professional productions on the Escapist and Gamespot being superior. WELL NO S**T SHERLOCK!! You do realise that you are on YOUTUBE for independent film makers to make content. I really do apologise that i don't have the resources (or talent) to re-create the diamond encrusted material that satisfies your rediculously high standards but that is just the way it goes.

Professional publications are superior, you want to know why? Well they have more money, More people, better cameras....I could go on and on. I really don't need someone pointing out that fact to me when its so damn obvious, or at least i thought it was.

Democracy is flawed when it is given to idiots, they take it for granted.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Astro Ignition Podcast Queries

Now im still totally baffled on what actually to do with my solo podcasts. Other than talking about what happened on my Youtube channel there really isn't that much to mention quite frankly. So as a tester session in episode 7 (Uploading as i write this) i decided to add a QandA section to it. Basically for fans of my Youtube channel you can ask me a question then i will cover it in the next episode. You can ask me anything along the lines of.....

*Video Games
*University Applications
*Upcoming Events
*Television Shows

Or anything else constructive that takes your fancy. As i want to try and make all bits of media i create on the internet interesting rather then me relating to Google completely ruining the internet all the time.

Click the link on the right to subscribe via itunes if you like and see what you think of our materials and make any suggestions for improvement as you see fit.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Social Networking Madness

Well, its safe to say that i'm pretty exhausted. After making perhaps the biggest mistake of joining just about every social networking in the universe i have given myself a behemoth task of keeping everyone up-to-date. Thankfully the videos i post on Youtube and blip will automatically will shown on facebook and twitter so if your not following me on either of those then feel free to click one of the links on the right of my blog.

Also as a new feature i have created my video podcast link where you can download my Blip.Tv videos right onto your ipod. This is also found on the right and you can then subscribe to the feed via the lovely medium of Itunes.

I'm currently uploading Youtube Flaws episode 5 talking about the Hulu-Tube story and why it has the potential to obliterate the small independant film-maker on the site. Plus as an added bonus i plan to upload Rock band Vs Guitar Hero Part 1. Please feel free to make comments as you see fit and send any correspondance you have.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

500 Subscribers Milestone Reached

Wow, my Youtube page has finally got 500 subscribers....500 people actually watch my videos. Who would have thought it eh? Anyway, to commemorate this event i have filmed a 2 part vlog giving people shoutouts who actually deserve them. Now people don't get p***ed with me because i didnt give you a shoutout, its most likely because i havent really gotten familiar with your channel or less likely that you actually don't actually deserve one. I have also fixed the HD issues that were present in last vlog so this set of videos when ready should work fine. Now in the mean time look at this really ugly photo of me. Please Enjoy!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Blog Page For AI

Hi viewers, this is James speaking. I recently created this website as place to upadate my fans of upcoming videos and stuff i feel like ranting abnout so thankyou very much for stopping by. if you guys have any questions whatsoever then don't hesitate to leave a message here or on one of my sites down the left hand side.