Friday, 26 February 2010

Vlog 90: Quick Update

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Hellow viewers, i do apologise that this vlog is a tad brief but i was pressed for time and i have other videos i really want to carry on with.

Friday, 19 February 2010

AI Podcast Episode #11 (Video Version)

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Here is the first podcast we recorded this year (2010). Original audio only version is available on jellycast.

In this podcast we talk about
*Heavy Rain
*Resident Evil 5 and Modern Warfare 2 DLC
*The DSi XL and much more!!

Starring James Petford and BDT87

Episode length: 85mins approx
Originally Recorded on 17/02/2010

Our Podcasts can be found

Check out BDT87's channel!

Progress being made...

Right, again its been nearly 2 weeks since i updated my Blog, sorry about that guys... Its become somewhat apart of my daily routine; eat some cake, do some university work, forget to update my blog, sleep etc.

I have been working on stuff in the background though, mainly maintenance stuff on my computer including backing up huge amounts of data to DVD discs and that is a very time consuming affair. The AI archive all the way from 2006 currently takes up something like 60+dvd discs, and its getting bigger all the time. Plus after a bit of research and testing i have come up with a breakthrough.

In my latest tutorial video i have released, it shows how to capture video game footage without having to deal with delays in control. I did the same tutorial ages ago but this time i included a piece of hardware that erases the delay in the controls while capturing the footage. So trying to review megaman 2 for the internet will no longer be the impossible task it was before.

The new AI podcast of 2010 is also now available to listen to on jellycast site, or if you prefer as a video version on the site. Just make sure if you want to listen on jellycast, subscribe to the new playlist as the old one is for last years set of podcasts. As for normal videos, my latest video game legend video will be released soon along with a new vlog that i plan to record sometime this weekend.

Just to remind you guys, any new video i release is automatically posted on my blog, twitter and facebook pages so you can always keep uptodate! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

How To Capture Video Game Footage (DVD recorder method)

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This is my newly revised video on how to capture footage from your video game console, with various improvements since the last version.

All the stuff you need is explained in this video.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Vlog 89: Website Woes

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Hello viewers, sorry this video is long overdue but due to time constraints ive only had chance to upload it a few days late. Plus i explain what i have been working on in the last few weeks or so.

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