Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Wish List

I havent updated my blog in a while so its about time i posted something new. Well i havent really got much to say except i hope everyone has avery merry christmas year and they get all the presents that they asked for. Me, well i'm angling for an iphone but i doubt i will get one of those as its very expensive, but we can all have a dream right?

Well i have had a flood of subscribers on my channel for some reason, like 40 odd in one day which is annoying cause im moving by the end of the year from Youtube to Blip.tv I can't understand why they all come at once because my videos have been on there for a while now. My youtube flaws videos obviously have some mysterious pull about them, or am i just being cocky?

Monday, 14 December 2009

Farewell Youtube, Hello Blip.Tv

Well its been swell, after nearly 3 years of posting videos onto the prolific video website, and after much consideration im deciding to close my Youtube account to venture elsewhere. Why is this you ask? Well im getting tired of having to fight against the websites constant failings and cowardly users that are giving me pathetic anonymous scores, and i am simply not going to put up with them anymore. Ive made numerous videos on why this website no longer is fit for purpose and now i have completely lost the urge to carry on fighting the Google beaurocracy.

I do appreciate my hardcore fans that will follow me to the ends of the earth, but it is a decision i have to make and i really didn't want it to come to this. So when i feel ready i will make the appropriate annoucement and close my account for good, but fear not as i will not dissapear forever. As i will continue to post videos to my newly created Blip.tv account and now on my Screwattack account for the video game related stuff. So if you wish to keep in contact with me then don't hestitate to subscribe to my new video channels my twitter, facebook, podcasts amd Blog entires and don't hesitate to send me messages.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported mefrom the very beginning , Steviet7, BDT87, Nintendogreg and numerous others for helping me get to new heights on Youtube. Its very hard leaving the website i started off on but now that the site has declined in quality i really have no other choice if i wish to continue.

Ill keep everyone posted with new updates.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

CitizenWolf......where art thou?

Yes its been a good while since i last made any contribution to the internet, no i havent been in a serious car crash thank god for that. No its just that i still have major essays to do and they are currently taking up all the time i have at the moment and i really dont want to make a video that is rushed if you see what i mean.

So when i do actually find the time to make some new material i will upload when i feel the stuff is ready for viewing on the internet; so i please ask everyone to be patient as i have some stuff in the pipeline, its just that i currently can't find any pockets of time to really work on them properlly. I think in the next few weeks in the run up to christmas i will then be able to resume with what i do best, reviewing video games. I will review the remixed perfect dark when that comes out on XBLA, untill then keep sending in your correspondance. See you guys later!!