Friday, 27 November 2009

Severe Illness

I have never felt so horrible in ages, massive headaches and dizzyness are words of week for me. I havent been able to get out of bed all day and i really wanted to start work on a new video but sadly thats not to be for now, instead i have to take about 2 tons of lemsip max and 300 gallons of cough mixture to try and combat this virus.

So for everyone who likes watching my videos, i do apologise that i'm currently unable to keep everyone up to date with new material but it can't be helped at the moment. I am however able to write small posts on my blog from time to time so please keep checking it for new devlopments.

Thankyou very much to everyone giving me support.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Run Up To Christmas

Well its getting to that time of year again where everybody decides to purchase presents for each other, so as a message to all my fans i want you all to buy me rediculously expensive stuff, even stuff that i don't even need like a PS3 or something.

I apologise to everyone waiting patiently for my next video as its been about a week or so since i uploaded anything, so to makie up for it i have finally completed my second QandA video and is should be at the time of writing availible in two versions, the blip version which is longer and the youtube version which is shorter to fit into the 10 minute time slot.

In other news modern warfare 2 is just simply amazing game to play and Left 4 Dead 2 is being released this friday and i hope to buy that very soon.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Driving Theory Test Passed!!

Today i managed to pass my theory test on driving so im extremely pleased about that. Now all i gotta do is wait for my driving instructor to say when im ready to take the practical exam then i will be able to drive my own car and who knows i may even pop round for a visit; totally unexpected at like 3am in the morning to crash at your place.

In other news i plan to get my Apple vs Microsoft video out the way so i can get to work on other projects i have placed on hold for now.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Modern Warfare: Midnight Launch

Well ive decided im off to merry hill to grab a copy of modern warfare 2, or rather 3 copies as i have to purchase it for my brother and cousin too. Why am i doing this, well the game is very likely to sell out if i dont act now and i really want to have a copy neatly placed inside my xbox 360.

The game is expected to make around £500m in the first few days according to the BBC news report. Theres a huge buzz around the game and i wish i had preordered it well in advance but due to royal mail striking and all that i couldnt bank on ordering off the internet.

I will keep you guys posted as i plan to make a video or two on this new game. Its going to be good...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Quick News Update

Well it was an expensive decision but it had to be taken. My old DVD recorder broke down so i had to go to merry hill and purchase a new one, as that essential piece of hardware is the thing i use to record video game reviews on my youtube account. I'm not sure when i am going to make a new video game review, as im still deciding what some be uploaded next.

In other news my script for my Apple vs Microsoft video is well underway and the video should be uploaded onto the internet by the end of next week, providing i don't get distracted by the awesomeness that is Modern warfare 2. Also my answers to my first round of QandA will be made apparent very soon when i find time to record the audio voice-over.

Man this is seriously going to be an expensive next few months, and i cannot wait untill my next payment comes in next january.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hardware Problems

Well my faithful DVD recorder appears to have bitten the dust as it will no longer boot up to the start menu. Which means for now i'm unable to complete any reviews because i can't capture the footage, absolutely fantastic. It has freed up some of my busy schedule though and i am now able to actually make some videos that have been up untill now put on hold.

Also Youtube appears to having some technical problems aswell, the my videos section show that all videos are labelled with half a star. It appears that its not just me thats experiencing problems as other users have confirmed this is a glitch that is happening to them aswell. Hopefully it should be resolved soon.

Monday, 2 November 2009

My Thoughts of Halloween 2009

Its been a very odd halloween for me this year, absolutely no trick or treaters actually decided to knock on our door this time round; not that im complaining mind! Maybe they actually got it into their thick skulls that we always show animosity to people who are essentially scrounging for free stuff. Mostly the people in my street usually ask for money rather than candy which really boils my blood, but we do have a death driveway which is nigh on impossible to climb even in the driest of conditions as we shown in one of our Bizzare Worlds on Youtube.

Seriously the only reason i can think is good about Halloween is that at least it reminds me of Micheal jacksons Thriller released in the 1980's.I'm still sufferring from his untimely passing, but nevertheless he will always have a place on my Ipod. #

RIP dude from CitizenWolf. (BTW Sorry for the naff tribute i did on Youtube, i could have done much better....)