Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Website Woes

I do apologise to everyone waiting for new content from yours truely, however i do have an excuse for my extended absense. After making the full transisition to i have been working on, or at least trying to work on my own personal website. I worked on it for absolutely hours and hours and it was pretty much nearly ready for distribution, however i had to cancel the site as the hosting costs were simply astronomical.

I was essentially crushed as i spent all that work on the site for abolutely nothing, when i could have spent that time working on a new video instead. *sigh, it hasnt exactly been a great week for me, as im still recovering from the onslaught of abuse i recieved from the idiots of Youtube. So i please ask for patience while im picking up the pieces of my ego as it were ha ha, you will be pleased to know that my next video is on its way and i havent dissapeared completely.

As always i keep everyone posted as often as i can and feel free to subscribe to my content as all links to my stuff are provided on my Blog on the right hand side. Speak soon guys!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

CitizenWolf Video Podcast #1

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Hello viewers, this is my first video podcast.

*In this episode i talk about why i decided to leave Youtube

*Peoples Appauling Reaction to my Haiti Video

*Upcoming content on my account

(Approx Run Time 15mins)

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Haiti Campaign: How To Donate

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Here i talk about how i believe a gaming company is exploiting the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti for its own popularity.

Sitting On Your Ass and playing "Halo 3" all day doesn't make you a samaritan, take responsibility and pay out your own wallet instead.

Here are a few wesbites you should donate to if you really want to help out.


British Red Cross:

The Disasters Emergency Committee

Oxfam Charity:

Canadian Red Cross:

American Red Cross:

Bungie's Be a Hero for Haiti Campaign...

Am i the only one who is sickened by this new campaign led by Bungie to donate to the little nation of Haiti?

For those who don't know Bungie (The developers of the recent Halo games) are launching a campaign which starts on Wednesday 20th of January in order to donate money to Haiti who was hit by a huge earthquake recently.

Bungies idea is that for every 100 players who logs on and plays Halo 3 online, they will donate $100. I have no objection to sending money to the country as it really does need it, but i really cannot help thinking that Bungie are exploiting Haiti's very bad situation in order to get more people to come back playing Halo 3 again.

If you think about it my idea is plausable as now Halo 3 is no longer the dominating force on xbox live, as many of those players now have moved onto Modern Warfare 2, Bungie will obviously want some of their players back and this campaign is perfect to get their popularity back.

Let me put it to you this way i were to donate $1000 dollars for example, i would only hand that money over if Haiti signed an contractual agreement with me and that is what essentially Bungie are doing with this tacky campaign.

Sitting on your ass all day and playing Halo 3 doesn't make you a samaritan and i say go F**k yourself if you believe otherwise. You are not really donating anything if your relying on someone else to pay on your behalf.

If you really care about these people in Haiti then forget Bungie and their ideas and donate money properlly. If you want to help out there are plenty of ways you can help out.

*Go To The Bank and hand over Cheques or Cash

*Go to any charity website and donate through them. UNICEF, The DEC, The Red Cross etc

*Paypal also allows for donations to the cause

Please make your comments on what you think on this campaign. (This post was previously available as a Blog on Screwattack)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

My Initial Thoughts on The PS3

I have recently purchased my own PS3 slimline to really see what the machine is actually like. I cannot really give a verdict untill i have had a few hours playing the game to really understand whether or not the purchase was worth it.

I can say though i really am not impressed with the monstrous amount of time it takes to download updates when you first insert the disc into the system, its been like 15 minutes already and i havent even manged to get started yet. Are all games like this or is it just the odd one or two, i will soon find out.

Now i can actually do youtube videos based on the playstation, like video game retrospectives based on crash bandicoot amongst others and maybe the odd review aswell so please stay tuned everybody!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Vlog 88: Contradictions of an Attention Seeker

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Hello guys, its been ages since i last made a vlog so here is another one, i explain stuff like why i have been contradicting myself about my Youtube channel.

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

My Bout of Hysteria and New Blog Layout

Well you can point and laugh because i have essentially been acting like a total clown with a bad case of schizophrenia. I have been essentially contradicting myself over my decision to move away from Youtube then changing my mind the next and then back again.

Well after a break i decided to take for myself i finally decided to stay on the site for good this time, as i have added up all the facts.
  1. You get morons all over the internet, not just Youtube
  2. Youtube has the biggest audience potential
  3. There is nothing to stop me from posting to both and Youtube
So if you didnt get that i am continuing to post videos onto my youtube page, aswell as my account and Screwattack account. I want to reach as many people as i can and the best way to do so is to put up with the crap and just soldier on regardless. I will do a vlog on the subject soon which will be uploaded shortly onto the internet shortly.

In other news how do you guys like the new layout of my Blog, i have included streaming and this site now acts as a hub for all my content with new links and functionality so i hope you guys find it informative and useful. Speak later guys!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Video Game Legends: Day of the Tentacle

Here is my second video game legend that i have chosen and it is another classic from Lucasarts.

Game (C) Lucasarts 1993

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!! 2010 awaits...

It appears that i will not leave Youtube after all, as it turns out the new video website im moving to Blip.Tv supports cross posting over to Youtube itself. So i can upload videos onto Blip then they will get transferred over to youtube so thats fantastic, i wont have to deal with Google's crappy censorship policy as actually have brains in their skulls.

So i get to cater for the people who cant be bothered to check out my blip and i get to decide to make money on the material i make, fantastic man!! Why didn't i do this before....

Sorry guys i havent posted on my blog in a while, as im very busy at the moment and at times i can never remember what iw as going to write, thats what procrastinating does to you i suppose. Anyway i hope everyone had a nice christmas and happy new year so here is to 2010!!